change your world - dance!
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performers - artworks - pieces - movements - titles - outlooks

That's what was there to discover on the performance-walk around the Waldsee.

Violin in Forest

with Aurelia Botsch

"A being wants to be born, a part of me that is in the process of being formed, a mask that comes to life through my body and my movements. A being that shares its myth with the environment and the spectators."

Ralf is a magician, his work soulwork. In his performance a masked being is ritually born and can be experienced by the audience to live music.

with Ralf Assmann

We carry our lives in our hands

going somewhere... meeting each other...

are on a journey... to ourselves.

A Self-Portrait-Walking-Score by Petra Eischeid with graduates of the Tamalpa training class 10

black - white

good - bad

right - wrong

An interactive performance by and with Chantal Ducommun that aims to stimulate reflection on the character and value of our thinking.

Reis(s)en - Paper Dance

The movement becomes sound, the sound the music for the next encounter, touch, inter-space-time happening.

...Walking...Standing...Looking...Listening... ...Laying...Moving...Building...Destroying... ...Re-Creating...Navigating...

Ein partizipatives Performance-Event 

with Sonja Seng

Men move courageously,

dancing on the way,


that's how it can be.

with Frank Hediger & Friends

I descended to the darkest place of my soul.

Many dances led me to this place again and again. I would like to share the essence of this journey at the festival.

with Maria Thomas

... seeks her lines

with Iris de Bor

„lost in positions“

... about lost attitudes to a world that divides. Human rights, rules of decency, shamanic recommendations ... a figure that does not belong there (at the Waldsee) is looking for its home. With possibly pink belly and blue shoes.

with Ute Faust

A Selfportrait-Performance 

with Evan Foster and Karla Knie

... and other Waldsee-Walkers, Franziska, Tilly, Karin, Angelika, Reimo, Tina, Anja, Ursula Anna, Raphael, we, you and the toads ... here it grows ... it fills ... it feels ... it is pleased ... soon moore ...