change your world - dance!
we go offline here on 11/11

"We give ourselves a festival for change."

All what is contributed to the festival are gifts For the love of working with the Tamalpa Life/Art Process® and as a loving gift to let CHANGE become easier.

"change your world - dance!"
Do you have an idea for a gift?

Would you like to contribute something?

Write us a message.

There are several ways to contribute to the festival:

+ organizers organize
+ performers perform
+ participants take part
+ website painters paint the website
+ festival angels angel for all it's worth
+ money givers give money
+ text writers write texts
+ photo lovers take photos
+ technicians take care of technology
+ crocheters crochet points of view
+ musicians make music
+ ...
+ ...

... contributing to market of possibilities

Projects, art pieces, ways of working and living, ... and all the possibilities!  Send your contibute in the shape of a SCORE to:
It can be a project of the past, present or future.

It can also look like this, for example:

... contributing with money

You are very welcome to contribute with money to the festival.
As a donation to the Tamalpa Graduate Association Germany:

Tamalpa Deutschland e.V.
IBAN: DE38 1001 0010 0640 2731 03
BIC: PBNKDEFF (Postbank Berlin)
reason for payment: change-your-world-festival

We are in process of taking a new look at "finances" in the sense of CHANGE and finding heartfull ways to pass on the money. We are very happy about enthusiasts who like to move this topic with us. Just contact us here.