change your world - dance!
we go offline here on 11/11


There are countless who are heartfully connected to the Tamalpa Life/Art Process®.

For a long time now, heads, hands, hearts and bodies are creating and painting colorfully the "change your world - dance! festival".

It nourishes, it expands, it supports change.

This is more or less how it works ;-)

"Equipped with multi-colored surfboards, the festival crew rides the waves that slowly slosh towards us, or come rolling violently towards us. With creative leisure, open ears and a wide variety of voices colors, we regularly take a fresh look at the current situations and let ourselves be skilfully rocked over the water, or sometimes even thrown off the board. Get out of the water, lie down in the soft sand and let the sun do the rest. Aaaand.... on we go!" (translated from german)